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Travel Guide

Car Rentals Miami and the Miami Museum of Science

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Myers



During your car rental in Miami, be sure to take the family on a fun-filled adventure to the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium. Founded in 1949, the museum hosts first-class exhibitions that educate and entertain people of all ages in topics ranging from the environment, sciences and cultural heritage. The Museum holds the distinct honour of housing South Florida's largest natural history collection comprising over 60,000 artifacts and specimens covering zoology, geology, palaeontology and anthropology. It definitely has something for everyone.

When you hop out of your car rental in Miami, and venture inside the Miami Museum of Science you will be able to challenge your senses with hands-on exhibits and interactive demonstrations. Explore mysterious cultures of the ancient Americas in Smithsonian Expeditions: visit Latin America and the Caribbean as you view Mayan and Aztec artifacts dating back thousands of years. Visit rare birds and reptiles in the Wildlife Center and enjoy live animal shows. Stroll through the Butterfly Garden, climb the rock wall, play virtual basketball and surf the Internet at lightning speed. Or simply sit back and relax under the planetarium dome for transport to the stars. Live science demonstrations and wildlife shows, as well as hourly planetarium shows are part of the daily activities.

Take a closer look at some of the exhibits you will enjoy when you visit the museum:

Smithsonian Expeditions: Exploring Latin America & the Caribbean

Leave your car rental in Miami behind as you hike through the path blazed by early scientists and researchers throughout the Americas in this Indiana Jones-style adventure. Explore old expeditions to undiscovered territories to reveal rare artifacts that have formed America's foremost collection of natural history treasures from the region.

Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes and Other Riches

You will be amazed at the assortment of creatures the Amazon Voyage has to offer. Everything from deadly piranhas to endearing dolphins, the Amazon has it all!

Through the eyes and hands of daring field researchers you can investigate the scientific, social and economic choices that shape the Amazon's future.

Newton's Notions

Everything ,like your car rental in Miami moves, but why? How? Isaac Newton figured it out and so can you in this exhibit that invites you to push, pull, lift, stop, go, drop and bounce your way to discovering more about how the world works. It's a fun, and interactive way to learn about the universal laws of motion. This will surely be a favourite with the kids.


Not only does the Miami Museum of Science have countless imaginative and informative exhibits, their Planetarium has been captivating children and adults since opening its doors to the public in 1966. Step out of your car rental in Miami, and step into the world of the stars. The planetarium features a 65-foot diameter domed projection screen with 231 seats.

Come and see the stars and planets as seen from anywhere on Earth at any time during the year with the Planetarium's SPITZ “Space Transit Planetarium” star projector.

For a truly unique experience, including music filled laser light shows, and magnificent four story tall multi-media imagery be sure to make the Planetarium one of your stops with your car rental in Miami.

The Miami Museum of Science will undoubtedly provide a day of fun and learning for all. Leaving your car rental in Miami doesn't mean that the fun has to end! You can access the museum's online exhibits and educational resources when you return from your trip. A great way for parents and children to relive their vacation all year round!