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Miami Car Rentals and Parrot Jungle Island

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Myers



One of Miami’s oldest and most popular wildlife attractions recently re-opened its doors after moving across Biscayne Bay to Watson Island, providing a whole new generation of Continental Miami Car Rental customers with a chance to get “wild” in the Magic City! Like the original Parrot Island, which was located in Downtown Miami, the new Parrot Island features over 18-acres of lush greenery, including a beautifully landscape representation of Florida’s beloved Flamingo Lake. Winding trails and stunning vegetation lead Continental Miami Car Rentals’ customers on an exciting journey into replica rainforest, complete with birds, lizards, monkeys and even crocodiles! Far from Disney, the Parrot Jungle Island park is Florida’s only all-natural attraction designed to promote interest in the fields of horticulture and wildlife preservation. To learn more about Parrot Jungle Island please read on or simply contact the park by calling 305-2-JUNGLE now!

A Jungle of Fun!

Originally opened nearly 70 years ago by an Austrian immigrant named Franz S. Scherr, the Parrot Jungle Island nature park quickly grew to become one of Florida’s largest family vacation attractions, providing Continental Miami Car Rentals’ customers with tons of pre- (and post-) Disney World fun. Dedicated to providing guests with informative programs and inspiring live shows, the new Parrot Jungle Island currently features an awesome Parrot Bowl, a slippery Serpentarium, an Everglades “marsh” and a stunning replica habitat for rare Peruvian parrots. Cheerful colors and exciting displays further provide inquisitive travelers with a plethora of exciting opportunities inside the park, as well as unique gift ideas and state-of-the-art party facilities.

A Unique Place for Events and Fundraisers

Although Parrot Jungle Island is technically designed for families, the park currently boasts a wide variety of banquet and/or party facilities perfect for charity events, one-of-a-kind fundraisers and ultra-unique corporate programs. From intimate picnic atmospheres to fun hands-on animal experiences, Parrot Jungle Island is sure to have an event venue that’s perfect for you and everyone in your Continental Miami Car Rentals’ program. If you’re looking to add an extra edge of sophistication and class to your upcoming Magic City event, Continental Miami Car Rentals highly recommends reserving the Parrot Jungle Island Treetop Ballroom – one of the city’s most stunning banquet/convention centers. All types of events have taken place in this dazzling ballroom including weddings, receptions, award ceremonies and special receptions, thanks to the venues outstanding catering service and superb party planners. Whether you’re looking to throw an elaborate seven course meal or an all night dance-off, the Treetop Ballroom has the perfect floor plan for practically any celebration – so don’t forget to call and reserve your party dates now! The unique facilities at Parrot Jungle Island are sure to make a huge impression on all your Continental Miami Car Rental friends, so don’t wait a minute longer; call the Jungle now to start planning the party of a lifetime!


Kids of all ages love the animals at Jungle Parrot Island. From the talkative parrots to the shimmering snakes, Parrot Jungle Island is full of friendly creatures from all over the world. Top animals on Parrot Jungle Island include:

  • Hanna – Named after the famous naturalist Jack Hanna, this cute and cuddly orangutan has been featured on several TV shows including Good Morning America. Born on July 9, 1997, Hanna is now one of the oldest residents of Parrot Jungle Island, as well as one of the smartest.
  • Godzilla – This scaly little Asian Water monitor is one of the parks tamest lizards, allowing trainers and guest to pet is back and even rub his belly! Measuring in at over g feet long, Godzilla is currently 12 years old and weighs nearly forty pounds.
  • Hercules – Hercules is currently one of Parrot Jungle Island’s most spectacular animals; half lion and half tiger, this frisky feline is currently considered to be the world’s largest species of cat. Hercules can be seen inside the new Liger exhibit currently located next to the Jungle Theater.

If you would like to learn more about Parrot Jungle Island before finalizing your rental dates with Continental Miami Car Rentals please feel free to visit the park’s official website at