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Miami Car Rental and the Miami Freedom Tower

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When you're driving through the streets of downtown Miami keep your eyes glued to the city's skyline. In between the modern skyscrapers and high rise apartments you'll find a building that appears to be out of place. Designed with a flare for the Mediterranean Revival style, this building evokes a distinctly Spanish flavor, complete with decorative beacon and rich detailing. What building is this you ask? It's the Freedom Tower of course. Located at 600 Biscayne Boulevard, the Freedom Tower originally functioned as the printing facility headquarters for the Miami News & Metropolis newspaper. Designed to evoke the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain, the Freedom Tower is important both architecturally and culturally. A major center for immigration during the time of Castro's regime, the Freedom Tower provides many a resident of Miami's Cuban neighborhood with fond memories of hope and prosperity. Miami car rental customers are encouraged to stop by and photograph this iconic building during their upcoming Florida vacation. The Freedom Tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

From Printing Press to Cultural Icon: A short history of the Freedom Tower

The Miami Freedom Tower has always been a beacon of inspiration in the Miami Bay Area. At first, the building functioned as a symbolic beacon of enlightenment, spreading news and information through the Miami News & Metropolis. Miami car rental customers may also note that the Freedom Tower's design supports a cupola tower, capable of houses a literal beacon for Miami Bay sailors. But the most important beacon cast forth from the Freedom Tower is that of hope. During the 1950s and '60sm the Freedom Tower was taken over by the US government and transformed into an immigration service center. Immigrants from the politically ravaged country of Cuba flocked to Southern Florida during this time period in order to take refuge from the Castro regime. The Freedom Tower literally provided thousands of refugees with nothing less than their freedom from Castro and the hardships of living in a ravaged Cuba. By the mid 70s the Tower was no longer needed and eventually closed down. The property would change hands a number of times in the coming years, falling further and further into disrepair. Finally, in 1997 a member of the Cuban American community, Jorge Mas Canosa purchased the Freedom Tower for $4.1 million.

A return to glory

When Jorge Mas Canosa purchased the Freedom Tower it was practically falling apart. Extensive repairs have since been completed on the building, helping return the Tower to its original state of glory. Today, the Freedom Tower is used as a monument to the trials of Cuban American in America. Miami car rental customers are invited to visit the first floor museum for further historical information. This small cultural institution exhibits detailing a number of important Cuban experiences including boat lifts, life pre- and post- Castro Cuba and advances made in America by Cuban immigrants. There is also a library onsite providing Miami car rental customers with access to a number of books written about fleeing Cuba and life in America. The old newspaper offices have been converted t offices for the Cuban American National Foundation, and meeting halls are available for important cultural events. A beautiful rooftop terrace is also available for receptions. No Miami car rental trip to Southern Florida would be complete without a visit to this iconic building, so don't miss your opportunity to see it up close. Plan to stop by the Freedom Tower during your upcoming Continental Car Rentals vacation.

To learn more about the Cuban American National Foundation please feel free to visit their official website at Miami car rental customers will find the Freedom Tower located at 600 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.